Be BODL to pave the way to the next generation of internet.

BODL is an early-stage venture firm partnering with bold founders building next-generation networks and decentralized applications.

We are not simply making deals. We take risks and encourage experiments. We are here to support entrepreneurs and realize their dreams.

Our partners Liu Feng & Sun Lilin are serial entrepreneurs and fearless explorers of the crypto world. We are looking to sharing our experience, learnings and resources with Web 3.0 builders who venture forth to explore new lands of open source technology, assisting them in imagining and inventing the future of Web 3.0 along the way.

Our ears are open to

  • Crazy idea that uses cryptography to reinvent decentralized networks;
  • Web 3.0 infrastructure which can speed the ecosystem growth while inspiring developer’s creativity;
  • Privacy-related research and technology;
  • Practical solutions which contribute to crypto’s uphill climb toward mainstream adoption and accessibility.

Ping us at Twitter @fishkiller & @ricemaximalist

BTW, we are working on some open research initiatives. Let’s build!

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